Nova Açores Pastagem


The Nova Açores Pastagem milk is created in the greatness of the nature that surrounds us. Produced on the beautiful island of São Miguel, white in colour, with a “sui generis” flavour and aroma, the Nova Açores Pastagem milk comes from cows that graze freely 365 days a year, which makes them produce milk with better lipid, protein and vitamin features than conventional milk. The Nova Açores Pastagem milk also comes from farms controlled and certified by APCER, promoting and assuring animal welfare, grazing with natural feed of green grass, greater animal health and, consequently, obtaining better milk and a greater contribution to good environmental practices. The range of Nova Açores Pastagem milks is composed of UHT Whole Milk, UHT Semi-Skimmed Milk, UHT Skimmed Milk, UHT Lactose Free Semi-Skimmed Milk and UHT Lactose Free Skimmed Milk.