From Our Land to the Land of All

We discover our inspiration in the most beautiful landscapes of Azores. Visit our land through an experience of traditional and genuine flavours: from the legendary flavour of the São Jorge PDO Cheese, which goes back to the occupation of the island of São Jorge by the Flemish community, to the purest milk that comes directly from the Azorean pastures to your table, not forgetting the delicious Ilha Azul Soft Cheese produced on the beautiful island of Faial.  

Always respecting nature, we create the best dairy products, with milk from cows that animate the paradisiacal landscapes of our islands, and using the most advanced technology.

We bring to your table the most pure and traditional dairy products of the islands of São Miguel, São Jorge and Faial, made of genuine Azorean knowledge and flavour and according to high food safety parameters.



LactAçores was created in 2004, with the purpose of enhancing the origin of Azorean dairy products, joining renowned Azorean cooperatives and working in synergy.

LactAçores is composed by the union of three cooperatives: Unileite, Uniqueijo and CALF. We exclusively commercialize dairy products produced by cooperatives, such as milk, cream, cheese and butter.

Since its formation, LactAçores has distinguished itself by its emphasis on the quality of the products it markets, where a strict system of quality and safety control allows us to be recognized as suppliers of products of excellence. We believe in the quality of our products that comes mainly from our Azorean origin, our respect for nature and giving the best of Azorean nature to those we love.

We want the brands we sell to be a part of the daily life of all families, in various contexts of consumption.

Operational Structure

Operational Structure

The operating structure of LactAçores is based on four platforms installed on the islands and the mainland, equipped with state-of-the-art storage units as well as fleets properly prepared for the transportation of our products. We thus guarantee the best conservation conditions within the demanding food safety parameters.  

These platforms aimed at supplying the markets are strategically located in the islands of São Miguel, São Jorge, Faial and mainland Portugal in the logistics complex of Vila Franca de Xira.

Logistic Structure

Logistic Structure

Our logistics structure aims to take our products to your table, under the best conditions of conservation, keeping the same high levels of quality with which the same left our cooperatives in Azores.

We care about consolidating not only the market positions we have achieved but also developing new positions, either through an internationalization stance or through the introduction of the innovation variable in the products we market.

Mission and Vision


Our mission is to give the best of Azorean nature to those we love. Always respecting nature, we create the best dairy products, with milk from cows that animate the paradisiacal landscapes of our islands, and using the most advanced technology.


We aim to be a company of excellence, with high growth rates, both in the domestic and foreign market, supported by the excellence and quality of our products. We want our products to be appreciated and consumed by all families, taking into account the needs and specifications of each one.



We operate in an integral and systemic way, stimulating teamwork, promoting the sharing of responsibilities, ensuring in this way the achievement of the objectives and the sustainability that we propose.


We respect the principles, policies and procedures defined by the company and its associates, and conduct ourselves honestly, professionally and transparently in the relations with our consumers, customers and suppliers.

Commitment to the Customer / Consumer

We identify and satisfy the present and future needs of customers / consumers by offering products that exceed their expectations. Our commitment to the customer / consumer is supported by a service structure, coupled with high standards of quality and functionality.


We stimulate creativity and innovation through the implementation of differentiated solutions and the constant development and improvement of our products, anticipating its launch and sustaining our competitiveness.