The União de Cooperativas Agrícolas de Lacticínios de São Jorge, UCRL - UNIQUEIJO, was created in 1986, with administrative and logistics headquarters in a small office in Rua Jardim da República, Velas parish, with six cooperatives producing traditional cheeses:  

  • Cooperativa Agrícola de Lacticínios de Norte Pequeno;
  • Cooperativa Agrícola do Norte Grande (currently milk station);
  • Cooperativa Agrícola de Leitaria de Santo António;
  • Cooperativa Agrícola de Santo Amaro CRL;
  • Cooperativa Leitaria de Manadas SA

The cheese maturing process was still carried out in a cold room, provided by Cooperativa da Beira.

Later, the Cooperativa Agrícola de Lacticínios de Rosais joined in 1991, the Finisterra - Cooperativa de Lacticínios do Topo also joined in 2000, and finally, in 2007, a commercial agreement was established with Cooperativa dos Lourais.  

Also during 1986, a fundamental step was taken in the production of our cheeses, with the creation of the Demarcated Region of the São Jorge Cheese and the regulation of the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) registered to the São Jorge Cheese brand. In November 1991, the status of Certifying Entity was granted to the Confraria do Queijo São Jorge.

The current facilities, in Lugar da Beira, Canadinha Nova, in the parish of Velas, allow a constant and extremely strict control of the products produced with the help of the two modern laboratories that support them.

Currently, Uniqueijo groups four cooperatives: Finisterra, Lourais, Beira and Norte Pequeno, with the last one operating as a collection point. Uniqueijo is dedicated to the production, storage, maturing and packaging of the traditional and much appreciated São Jorge PDO Cheese.

Uniqueijo aims to produce high quality cheeses, using strict parameters of food control.

The artisanal manufacture of the cheeses of the island of São Jorge and the São Jorge PDO Cheese goes back to the 15th century and to the beginning of the settlement of the island of São Jorge.

Today, Uniqueijo uses the latest technologies and manufacturing methods to create a product of artisanal character, so that the tradition of cheeses is appreciated in its splendour at the table of our customers.

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