Since 1893 several dairy factories settled in Cascalho, in the parish of Cedros, in the island of Faial, forming Castro e Goulart. However, these disappeared gradually, ending with the bankruptcy of the old Fábrica de Lacticínios Faial, Ltd, in 1940.

On October 29, 1943, the current Cooperativa Agrícola de Lacticínios do Faial, CRL (C.A.L.F.) was created.

Initially destined to the transformation of milk produced in the parish of Cedros and some nearby parishes, it quickly grew and spread to other rural locations. It established itself as one of the main forces for the socioeconomic development, not only of the parish of Cedros, but the entire island of Faial.

In 1960, a new production unit was inaugurated, which was considered the most modern because it possessed the most advanced transformation and milk processing equipment in the country. This situation facilitated the development of the manufacture of several high quality types of cheese, which quickly imposed themselves on new customers, which remain loyal to this date.

About 40 years later, in 2004, the new manufacturing facilities opened, equipped with the most advanced technology, placing C.A.L.F. at the cutting edge of technology in the dairy processing industry. Nowadays, this cooperative produces butter and cheese, holding the Ilha Azul, Capelinhos e Moledo brands.

In order to respond to the growing demand of the market, we focus on the quality of our products to raise the level of confidence that our customers place in them by bringing the same home.

Our current technological level allows a continuous and integrated monitoring of the entire method of milk processing in its various phases. We support this process by a quality policy based on extremely demanding criteria. In this way, it is the constant combination of all these factors that allows us to produce the best dairy products, based on the best Azorean milk.


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